Excel Engineers and Consultants Pune, India.

  • Technological Innovative Solutions for Renewable Energy in Pune Maharashtra by Excel Engineering & Consultants.
  • Innovative Technology adopted for Multifeed Stock Conversion by Excel engineering and Consultants
  • Excel Engineering’s End to End Solutions and EPC Capability
  • Excel Engineers and Consultants E-max Technology

Excellence Is Our Vision, Mission And Quality Policy

Excel Engineers is leading Company in the field of Distillery, Sugar & Cogeneration, BioFuels, Zero Liquid Discharge Systems and Renewable Energy in Pune Maharashtra


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Trend setting Achievements

  • Single largest distillery plant of 300 KLPD built by an Indian Company
    Successfully developed technology for Molasses C, Molasses B Heavy and Cane Juice
    Plants with Multi- Grains such as corn, rice, sorghum, millets etc.
    All plants resulted ENA is accepted by all domestic and International Bottlers
  • Lowest steam usage @4 Kg/litre in Molasses Distillery including distillation, molecular sieve dehydration and evaporation upto 60% w/w solid concentration
    Lowest steam usage @ 4.5 kg/litre in Grain Distillery including liquefaction, distillation, evaporation and DDGS dryer
    Zero liquid discharge plants both for Molasses as well as Grain with truly 3 R principles
    Single point guarantee and project management responsibility of complete distillery with civil, structural, main process plant, boiler, turbine, electrical, utilities, effluent treatment and safety etc.
  • Capability of comfortably executing multiple projects in a calendar year
    Standalone wash to ENA Distillation at 2.2 Kg/Litre steam usage & RS to ENA at 1.1 kg/litre
    Most reliable DDGS Dryer product utilizing 100% evaporation syrup
    DDGS Dryer vapor integrated "Zero Steam" evaporation plant with energy recovery

Estimated Clientele

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Shamanur Sugars Ltd., Karnataka - 60 KLPD Complete Molasses Based ENA/AA Distillery

Chandigarh Distilleries & Breweries Ltd., Punjab - 300 KLPD India's Largest Multi-Feed Distillery

Haryana Liquors Pvt. Ltd., Karnal, Haryana - Grain Distillery Modernization and DDGS Plant

Globus Spirits Ltd., Behror, Rajasthan - Grain Distillery Modernization

Globus Spirits Ltd., Behror, Rajasthan - DDGS Plant with first time in India – Dryer Vapor Integrated Zero Steam Evaporation.

San Carlos BioEnergy Ltd., Philippines - 140 KLPD Sugar Cane / Molasses Distillery Expansion

SSJD, South Asia – IS to ENA Distillation Plant

Krishnaveni Sugars Ltd. (NSL Group), Telangana - 60 KLPD Turnkey Molasses Distillery with Spent Wash Evaporation to 60 % w/w

Rana Sugars Ltd., - Grain Distillery Modernization and Evaporation Plant

EID Parry India Limited, Nellikuppam, Tamil Nadu - 75 KLPD Wash to ENA Distillation with Integration to Evaporation

Rana Sugars Ltd., Punjab - 100 KLPD Fuel Ethanol Plant

Oasis Commercial Pvt. Ltd., Haryana – 3 Nos. DDGS Plants

Tikaula Distillery Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – BMSW & Raw Spent Wash Evaporation Plant

Globus Spirits Ltd., West Bengal – 100 KLPD Complete Grain Distillery

Globus Spirits Ltd. Bihar – 80 KLPD Complete Grain Distillery

Tikaula Distillery Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 45 KLPD Molasses Distillation and Fuel Ethanol Plant

IFB Agro Ltd., West Bengal – DDGS Dryer and Vapour Integration to Evaporation in 120 KLPD Distillery

Karmaveer Shri Shankarrao Kale SSK (KOSAKA), Maharashtra – Distillery Modernization

Sai Priya Sugars Ltd. (Nirani Group), Karnataka - 120 KLPD Complete Molasses Distillery

Kisan Sahakari Chini Mills Ltd., Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh - 40 KLPD Complete Molasses Distillery

Kisan Sahakari Chini Mills Ltd., Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh - 30 KLPD Complete Molasses Distillery

MRN Sugars & Power India Ltd. (Nirani Group), Karnataka - 60 KLPD Complete Molasses Distillery

Lorvin Industry Ltd., Karnataka - Complete Molasses Distillery

KM Sugar Mills Ltd., Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh - Spent Wash Evaporation Plant

Madhucon Sugars & Power Ltd., Khammam, Telangana – DDGS Plant

Sugar Refinery Equipment, South America – Evaporators and Crystallizers

RJC Agros Ltd., Anantpur - 120 KLPD Complete Grain Distillery

KBK BioTech Pvt. Ltd., Andhra Pradesh - 45 KLPD Complete Grain Distillery

DCM Shriram Ltd., Uttar Pradesh - 160 KLPD Complete Molasses Distillery

Empee Distilleries Ltd., Telangana - Grain Distillery Expansion

Sri Basaweshwara Sugars Ltd., Karnataka - 60 KLPD Complete Molasses Distillery

Wallams Agro & Power Industries Ltd., - 90 KLPD Sugar Cane / Molasses Based Ethanol Plant & Ligno-Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Plant

Jagruthi BioProducts Pvt. Ltd., Andhra Pradesh - 45 KLPD Complete Grain Distillery

Rana Sugars, Punjab - 70% w/w Spent Wash Concentration Plant

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