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New Ventures / Technology

Recent Commissioned Project

Balaji Sugars Ltd (Karnataka):):Molasses Distillery with 60 Brix Evaporation, ZLD with 3 stage RO CPU plant.

SVP Industries Ltd (U.P.) : – 140 KL Molasses Distillery for ENA meeting requirement of Bacardi / Diageo etc.

Sai Priya Sugar Ltd 2nd (Karnataka) :126 KL Molasses Distillery for ENA meeting requirement of Diageo / Radico etc.

Haritha Bio (Andhra Pradesh) & Associated Alcohols (Madhya Pradesh) :DDGS Dryer for Grain Distillery.

Parle Biscuits Ltd. (Uttar Pradesh) :60 KLPD - Molasses Distillery with 60 Brix Evaporation, ZLD with CPU.

Hermes Distillery (Karnataka):50 KLPD - Low steam High Grade Grain Diageo ENA & DDGS dryer with vapour integrated zero steam evaporator system.

Gulshan Polyols Limited (Madhya Pradesh) :60 KLPD - Direct Wash to Ethanol Distillery using grains.

Globus Spirits Limited (Bihar):80 KLPD - Lowest Steam Grain Wash to Ethanol PRC vapour.

EID Parry (India) Limited (Andhra Pradesh) :50 KLPD – Distillery Modernisation with 60 Brix Evaporation.

Agribiotech (Rajasthan) :: Revamping/Modernisation for High Grade Grain ENA with Low Impure Cut.

Jubilant Life Science (Maharashtra) : Quality Improvisation in Distillation.

Bajaj Hindustan (U.P.): 160KL – Low steam Wash to ENA Distillery Modernisation.

DSCL Sugar (Uttar Pradesh) : Expansion of Ethanol plant (200 to 250 KL) a third project from the group.

Satish Sugars Ltd. (Karnataka) : 90 KL Distillation Plant.

Godavari Biorefineries (Karnataka):Cane Syrup Fermentation expansion.

Recent Projects Under Commissioning:

Mylar Sugars Ltd (Karnataka) : Molasses Distillery Plant with 60 Brix Evaporation, ZLD with Biological CPU.

LH sugars: 100 kl complete distillery.

Tikaula Distillery: 75 kl complete distillery.

Uttam sugars: 50 kl complete distillery.

New Project Orders:

Globus Spirits Ltd. (West Bengal) : Turnkey order for a 140KL Grain distillery on latest “E-max2” technology

DSCL Sugar: 150 to 190 kl.

DIAGEO- Pioneer Distillery (Maharashtra) : Paddle Dryer for fermentation sludge drying.

DIAGEO Pioneer Distillery (Maharashtra) : Evaporation Modernization.

Tikaula Sugars (Uttar Pradesh) : Zero Liquid Condensate Polishing Unit (C.P.U.).

Hermes Distillery (Karnataka): 120KL Grain Distillery with ENA and DDGS dryer.

NSL Jay Mahesh (Maharashtra) :120KL Molasses ENA/Ethanol Distillery & BMSW evaporator.

DIAGEO Nashik (Spectra) :Malt Spirit Plant pot still.

21 Sugars Ltd (Maharashtra) :100KL Molasses ENA plant with least water foot print using Air cooled Condenser.

Alkoplus Distillery (Maharashtra) :DDGS plant with dryer and integrated evaporator.

NSL Krishnaveni (Telangana) :DDGS plant with dryer and integrated evaporator.

Dalmia Sugar (Uttar Pradesh) :Expansion of 60 kl distillery to 100 kl distillery with 60 brix evaporator.

KM Sugars (Uttar Pradesh) : 70 kl distillation with ENA / Ethanol and 60 brix integrated evaporator.

Dhampur Sugars: ENA plants.

Rajashri: Rajashri Fine Chemicals UP State complete EPC distillery with slop boiler and TG etc.

Wave distillery : 130 kl complete distiiiery with boiler TG etc.

Maharashtra : 100 kl sugar cane to ethanol plant.

New Ventures / Technology solutions to Industry:

Integrated Solutions for Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol (2G) Production from Bagasse.

Make in India DDGS Dryer with proven design and technology to use 100% syrup & dryer energy to run MEE.

Technology Tie up for advance Water & Waste Water Solutions with a European company.

Technology collaboration with a Bio process / engineering solution for Pharma & Bio-Pharma Industries.

Diversification products like various types of evaporators, heat transfer equipment, solvent recovery plants, chemical recovery system and dryers for Textiles, Paper, Dairy, Food, Pharma industry and Chemical plants.

Equipment Manufacturing workshops in Kanpur, Kolhapur along with Pune India.

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