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Distillation Technology Plant Manufacturer and Supplier

Regreen Excel is a leading distillery plant manufacturer and supplier in India

At REGREEN EXCEL EPC INDIA LTD., we feel that standardization of technical process scheme restricts the innovation. And that is why; we consistently evolve with betterment in technology, designs and schemes.

Hence; undoubtedly our distillation technology are most advanced considering site conditions, raw material variations, energy integration and product quality. Our application engineers & designers undertake design of unique distillation technology plants suitable for individual client requirements & this has given us a technological edge and most satisfied clients in last one decade. REGREEN EXCEL EPC INDIA LTD. is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Distillery technology Plants, Spirit Distillation technology Plants and Multi Product Distillation Technology System in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Salient Features:

State of art designs with Utilization of design and simulation software like ChemCad, Aspen HYSYS, ProPipe and Computational Fluid Dynamics for guaranteed plant performance.

Specially designed distillation columns with modern tray internals for better life & efficiency at minimum capital cost without any compromise in equipment mechanical designs.

designed to accept multi feed stocks without variation in operating efficiencies and utilities.

With high distillation tray efficiencies and higher level heat integration, our distillation plants results in lowest steam usage.

Product quality norms for RS, ENA and Ethanol supersede present industry standards and also meet international quality specifications at all the time.


Extra value for money resulting into a net saving of 15 to 20% in operating cost of the product produced compared to present distillation plants

Product superfine grade ENA acceptance with ease by all domestic & international bottlers

Trouble-free plant operation with guaranteed performance and Extended plant life with low maintenance cost

Flexible distillation process plants to produce products by using various feed stocks taking care of market demands & variations

And whatever you would expect from A Global Technology Partner ...