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" We are pleased to announce the further mega expansion of our infrastructure and added a state-of-the-art premise “Innovation Centre” located at Amar Business Zone, Baner., Pune India, in addition to our 3 offices and 5 workshops to continue to strive hard in achieving Excellence in Technology and Products."
All our facilities and engineering teams are set to handle the upcoming E 20 expansion and challenges and are continuously striving hard to improve the performance bench marks of the Distillery Industry with “E-max” technology versions “E-max”, “E-max2”, “E-max3” & “E-max” 75 which are the best in the industry and guarantee our clients high efficiencies, quality of product & By products, less Steam & Power usage, less water consumption and complete ZLD.
Regreen Excel ever since it’s evaluation as a turnkey plant supplier from 2014-15 completed 144 projects and executing about 27 more projects out of total 171 plus projects built in India in recent 5 years.
Team Regreen Excel has always valued its commitments towards its clients in terms of Delivery, Quality and Plant Performance and has become India’s fastest growing Ethanol Technology EPC Company executing about more than 40 projects per year and soaring to new heights every year.

We are now pleased to announce the completion of prestigious & challenging Ethanol / ENA projects recently.

Wave Industries,UP – 130KLPD.

Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh-120 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Savson Distillery Ltd., Karnataka- 100KLPD Grain Distillery.

Ugar Sugar Works, Karnataka- 800KL Syrup/ Grain Distillery & 300 KLPD Grain Distillery

L H Sugar Factories Ltd., Uttar Pradesh -80KLPD Molasses Distillery.

Balrampur Chini Mills, Uttar Pradesh-360KLPD Cane/Grain Distillery.

Dalmia Sugars Ltd, Jawaharpur, Uttar Pradesh- 100KLPD Grain Distillery with DDGS Dryer.

Globus Spirit, Jharkhand- 140 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Mylar Sugar Ltd., Karnataka-120 KLPD Grain Distillery.

SVP Industries, Uttar Pradesh-100 KLPD Grain Distillery with DDGS.

India Glycol Ltd., Uttarakhand- 180 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Shamnur Sugars Ltd, Karnataka - 100 KL-EPC Grain/Molasses Distillery, Slop Co - Generation & ZLD.

Rajshri Chemicals, Uttar Pradesh - 80 KLPD Molasses / Juice Ethanol / ENA Distillery.

Forever Distillery Ltd., Uttar Pradesh- 90 KLPD Grain/Molasses Distillery.

Dhampur Sugars Ltd., UP - 150 KLPD Molasses/Grain Distillery.

Rajaram Bapu SSKL, Maharashtra-50KLPD Molasses Distillery.

Muzaffarpur Biofuels Pvt. Ltd., Bihar-100KLPD Grain Distillery.

Bharat Oorja Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., Bihar-100KLPD Grain Distillery.

Balaji Sugar, Karnataka- 160 KLPD Molasses Distillery.

Gulshan Polyols, Madhya Pradesh- 400/450KLPD Grain Distillery.

JVS Biofuels Pvt. Ltd., Haryana - 100 KLPD Grain Distillery.

NKJ Biofuels Pvt. Ltd., Chhatisgarh-100/150KLPD Syrup/Molasses Distillery.

Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra- 60KLPD Grain Distillery.

VINP Ltd, Karnataka - 200 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Baramati Agro Ltd., Maharashtra - 150 KLPD Molasses Distillery (E-max 75 Technology).

India Glycol Ltd., Uttarakhand- 300KLPD Grain Distillery (E-max 75 Technology.(Repeat Order)

Uttam Sugars Ltd., Bijnor,UP- MEE.(Repeat Order)

Crystal Balaji Industries Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 170 KLPD Grain Distillery.

HERMES, Karnataka- 500 KLPD Grain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology) (Repeat Order).

Sterling Distillers LLP, West Bengal – 175 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Apart from the above completed projects, many projects are in full swing Execution and will go on full production within the committed schedule of completion.

Projects Under Execution and are near completion.

Shri Basaveshwara, Karnataka-95KL-EPC Molasses Distillery,Slop Co- Generation &ZLD

Mash Spirits Ltd., Odisha - 400 KLPD Grain Distillery (E-max 75 Technology.

KGS Spirits LLP, Jharkhand - 200 KLPD Grain Distillery (E-max 75 Technology).

Bokaro Distillery, Jharkhand - 250 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Coastal Bio Ltd, Odisha - 200 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Chidanand Basaprabhu Kore SSKN, Karnataka 200 KLPD Syrup Based Distillery.

Greenergy Bio - 400 KLPD Grain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology).

SEAS Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Assam - 125 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Vector Infra Pvt. Ltd. (LUNA Chemicals), Gujarat-132KLPD Grain Distillery.

Vasundhara Green Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra-60KLPD Grain Distillery.

Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd., Uttar Pradesh- 130 KLPD Syrup/Molasses Distillery.

Gulshan Polyols, Assam- 200KLPD Grain Distillery (Repeat Order).

SGZ & SGA Sugars (JV) Limited, Maharashtra- 250 KLPD Syrup Based Distillery.

Devsristi Biofuels Pvt. Ltd., Telangana – 300 KLPD Grain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology).

Green Energy Chemicals, Turkey- 100 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Orient Micro Abrasives Ltd., Madhya Pradesh- 120 KLPD Grain Distillery.

PSC Starch Products PCL, Thailand- 230 KLPD Grain Distillery.

KRIBHCO Green Energy, Gujarat- 250K LPD Grain Distillery.

KRIBHCO Green Energy, Andhra Pradesh- 250 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Sooraj Agro Distillers Ltd., Karnataka - 120 KLPD Grain Distillery.

B K Builder, Bihar - 60 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Happy Niwas Pvt. Ltd, West Bengal- 125 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Amanya Organics Pvt. Ltd, Gujarat - 220 KLPD Gain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology).

DAPS Infra Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat- 220 KLPD Grain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology).

Vibrant Spirits Pvt. Ltd., Odisha- 100 KLPD Grain Distillery.

SPAC Starch Products (India) Pvt. Ltd., Tamil Nadu- 160 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Sahu Agro Business Pvt. Ltd., Bihar – 60 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Ambashakti Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd., Madhya Pradesh- 250 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Happy Niwas Pvt. Ltd, West Bengal- 125 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Pashupati Acrylon Ltd., UP- 150 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Mahakaushal Agriccrop India Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh- 80KLPD Grain / Molasses Distillery.

Bharat Spirits Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh- 250 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Ethane Bio- fuel Pvt. Ltd., Rajasthan– 175 KLPD Grain Distillery.

India Glycol Ltd., Uttarakhand- 500 KLPD (Expansion) (Repeat Order).

Growthpath, Gujarat- 120 KLPD, Grain Distillery.

ZYEX Chemicals LLP., Madhya Pradesh- 150 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Balaji Sugars ltd, Karnataka – 75 KLPD Molasses Distillery.

Zircon Advance Fuels Pvt. Ltd., Madhya Pradesh – 200KLPD Grain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology).

HPCL Biofuels Ltd., Bihar- 70 KLPD Grain/ Molasses Distillery.

Venus Sugar Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh - 75 KLPD Grain/ Molasses Distillery.

Wave Industries Pvt. Ltd. Uttar Pradesh- 100 KLPD Grain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology) (Repeat Order).

With continued trust on Regreen Excel from the Industry, we are pleased to announce New Orders bagged recently.

Edhas Biofuel Refinery Industries Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat- 140 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Stellar Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., Tamil Nadu- 120 KLPD Grain Distillery.

KRIBHCO Green Energy, Telangana- 250 KLPD Grain Distillery.

MKR Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., West Bengal- 230 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Doghat Organic Pvt. Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 60 KLPD Grain Distillery.

CIL Nova Petrochemicals Ltd., Gujarat- 300 KLPD Grain Distillery (“E-max” 75 Technology).

Sadguru, Maharashtra – Evaporation.

Globus Spirit Ltd, Odisha – 200 KLPD Grain Distillery (Repeat Order).

India Glycol Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 200 KLPD Molasses Distillery (Repeat Order).

Neelshree Sugar Ltd., Uttar Pradesh – 60 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Kunjir Bioenergy India LLP, Maharashtra – 140 KLPD Molasses (CPU).

CF Energy & Biofuels Pvt. Ltd., Karnataka- 75 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Angadi Sugars & Power Ltd., Karnataka- 200 KLPD Cane Syrup / Molasses.

Venky Power & Metal Ltd., West Bengal- 200 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Pratishtha Spirits Pvt. Ltd., West Bengal- 100 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Agribiotech Industries Ltd., Rajasthan- 130 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Dhampur Sugars Ltd., Asmoli, Uttar Pradesh- 300 KLPD Syrup / Molasses / Grain Distillery (Repeat Order).

Zuari Agro Chemicals, Uttar Pradesh- 150-180 KLPD Grain Distillery.

Olam Global Agri Commodities India Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra- 320 KLPD Grain Distillery / Molasses.

Alpine Builders, Karnataka- 200 KLPD Grain Distillery.

" We are really honoured and grateful to all the industry stalwarts, seniors and project owners, who have been the guiding force & constant inspiration source for Team Regreen Excel and we will strive hard to continue to provide you unmatched cutting edge technology solutions."

And whatever you would expect from A Global Technology Partner ...