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"E-max" Liquefaction Plants

Get maximum out of you Grain with our customized specially engineered Liquefaction Plants. Our Liquefaction plants are designed to effectively reduce mash viscosity, solubilize entire Starch into Dextrins and prepare a perfect substrate for fermentation.

High solids liquefaction with low requirement of steam, fresh water and optimum enzyme dosage is main design criteria for the modern liquefaction plants delivered by us. REGREEN EXCEL EPC INDIA PVT.LTD - Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Liquefaction Plants, Liquefaction Technology, alcohol in Pune Maharashtra INDIA

Salient Features:

High yields compared to other cooking processes with Enzymatic conversion efficiencies as high a 99.5%. Total recovery from raw material.

Technologies available for steam pressure as low as 3.5 Kg/cm2 (g) and 2.0 kg/cm2 (g)

Low steam consumption with or without the use of Jet Cooker

Optimum enzyme dosage with use of commonly available enzymes

Excellent process control with temperature and pressure controllers

Online Cleaning in Place (CIP) system for PHEs for non-stop operation

Provision for recycle of thin slop, process condensate & spent lees to minimize fresh hot water requirement


Highest yield with overall recovery of starch. High recovery ensures total utilization of raw material.

Low enzyme dosage and low cost of enzyme per litre of alcohol produced

Considerable saving in steam requirement

Low maintenance cost and easy to operate

Low slop generation with recycle and high DS cooking process.

And whatever you would expect from A Global Technology Partner ...