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"E-max" Multi Effect Evaporation (MEE) Plants

Regreen Excel - Spent wash evaporation, vinasse evaporation plant supplier

With the aim to reduce effluent quantity, to increase solid concentration in stream and ultimately stepping towards achievement of Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge, "REGREEN EXCEL EPC INDIA PVT.LTD" has come up with a wide range of evaporation technologies and equipment designs.

We offer various combinations of Natural (thermo-siphon), Falling Film and Forced Circulation Evaporation Plants. The flexibility of integrating our Evaporation Plants with Distillation and Dryers to save on steam consumption is the hall mark of our modern designs. The evaporation plants are specially designed to handle molasses raw spent wash, bio-methanated spent wash and grain thin slop to achieve desired solid concentration with clear process condensate without any entrainment and longer cycle time. REGREEN EXCEL EPC INDIA PVT.LTD offer Evaporation Plants of various combinations of Natural (thermo-siphon), Falling Film and Forced Circulation Multi Effect Evaporation Plants

Salient Features:

Very low specific steam consumption for solid concentration up to 60% w/w in case of molasses plants and beyond 40% w/w in case of grain plants

Careful selection of material of construction for calendria shell, tubes and vapor separators

Evaporation Plants suitable for Raw Spent Wash as well as Bio-methanated Spent Wash

Online Cleaning In Place (CIP) system ensures non-stop operation and Standby pumps and bypass to control valves for non-stop operation

Flexible options for energy integration with distillation plant and dryer to save on steam

Spent wash evaporation technology to concentrate up to 90% solid concentration


Low downtime of plants for want of CIP and scaling / corrosion problems.

Net saving of 20% in operating costs due to low steam and less power

Extended plant life with low maintenance cost

Achievement of practically Zero Liquid Effluent Discharge plants for grain and molasses

Clear process condensate which is easy to treat and recycle

And whatever you would expect from A Global Technology Partner ...